The Taliabo Story and Delivered from the Power of Darkness DVD (English)

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This DVD contains two docudramas:

  • The Taliabo Story
  • Delivered from the Power of Darkness


The idea of teaching the gospel chronologically seems to make a lot of sense, but you don't really know how it works. When used, what impact has this method had? How does it help people in their understanding of the gospel?

Only recently has the chronological approach to teaching started to be talked about and used more extensively. More people are becoming aware of this method, however, there are not many resources that explain or model it.

Imagine how helpful it would be if you could actually see the way this method of teaching has impacted people...if you could observe how it has worked and see what has happened as a result of using it...if you could see how it has affected people's understanding of the message of salvation.

The story of the Taliabo people gives you a taste of chronological teaching. From a remote island of Indonesia, the story of the Taliabo is the story of a people whose lives were filled with fear. Their greatest search was for the key to free them from the one thing they feared most—death. Theirs was a search for eternal life. Part one, "The Taliabo Story," tells how they found new life, while part two, "Delivered from the Power of Darkness," portrays the powerful story of how they gained victory over the demonic forces that governed their lives. While you learn about teaching the gospel from creation to Christ, you will also gain a biblical perspective on spiritual warfare.

Learn how the chronological approach to teaching the gospel can change lives through watching the story of the Taliabo people.