EE-TAOW! DVD (English)

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This DVD contains two classic docudramas:

  • The Mouk Story
  • The Next Chapter

These films have been viewed by people all across the globe. They show the remarkable impact of teaching the gospel in a chronological manner, starting at creation and moving sequentially through the Bible to the cross.

Filmed on location, these two related docudramas tell the story of the Mouk people from the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Part one, "The Mouk Story," gives a picture of the dark and hard way of life in which these people had lived for centuries. It was unknown how they would respond to the gospel. This film shows the effect of three months of teaching through the Bible chronologically and vividly portrays the people's response to the final explanation of the gospel. Part two, "The Next Chapter," continues their story as they move from a history of murderous sorcery and deceit to a discovery of God's love and to become a people who took their new faith seriously.

Be challenged and encouraged as you watch this true story of how a chronological teaching of the gospel transformed an entire tribe!