The Tabernacle Workbook: Follow the Path of Worship in the Tabernacle

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Do you ever feel disconnected from God even during worship? Have you struggled to enter into worship, unable to stop thinking about work, your family, and errands you still need to complete? Refresh and remember what worship is all about with The Tabernacle Workbook.

From crosswords and Venn diagrams to recipes and quizzes, this easy-to-understand Bible resource includes reproducible worksheets, fun hands-on activities, and visually appealing diagrams that help your studies of the Tabernacle come alive and off the page! The Tabernacle Workbook provides 12 fun lessons packed with hundreds of fascinating facts about...

  • The Tabernacle
  • Feasts of the Bible
  • High Priest practices

Discover the Tabernacle's Old Testament symbolism, realize its modern relevancy, and understand Jesus' connection to the Tabernacle. Follow the Tabernacle's path of worship, and experience a deeper understanding of God's presence and his redemptive plan for salvation.

4 Ways Learning about the Tabernacle Enhances your Worship

Learning about the Tabernacle enables you to better:


  1. Reflect on the significance of sacrifice
  2. Remember God's redemptive plan in Jesus
  3. Appreciate your direct access to God's presence
  4. Know God's character

40 pages. Perfect for Grades 5 to adult. You may reproduce up to 500 copies of any worksheet free of charge for your classroom.

This Bestselling Tabernacle Workbook Answers Common and Important Questions

  • What is the Tabernacle and why was the Tabernacle built?
  • What is the Ark of the Covenant? Where was it stored?
  • How does the tabernacle reflect God's plan of redemption?
  • How does Jesus fulfill the role of High Priest?
  • Why should we study the Tabernacle's furnishings? What is their significance?
  • And More!

Key Topics/Items Explained

  • The Outer Court
  • Bronze Altar
  • Bronze Laver
  • The Holy Place
  • Golden Lampstand
  • The Table of Showbread
  • Altar of Incense
  • The Veil
  • Journey of the Ark
  • Old Testament's Pattern of Worship
  • The High Priests
  • Jewish Feasts and Holidays
  • Hebrew Roots of Christianity
  • Old Testament Symbolism
  • Parallel between Jesus and the High Priests and Sacrifices

Enjoy Having Dozens of Interactive and Hands-On Study Resources

  • 12 Complete Lessons
  • Hebrew/Latin Word Study
  • Reproducible Worksheets
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Charts
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • Illustrations/Diagrams
  • Tabernacle Information/Reference Cards
  • Discussion Questions
  • Fact Quiz
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Tabernacle Passport
  • Skit Scripts
  • Calendar of Worship
  • Reference Guide
  • 100s of fascinating facts
  • Instructions on how to create a Tabernacle replica (Room set-up)
  • Snack Ideas
Perfect for:
  • Individual study
  • Discipleship
  • Small Group study
  • Sunday School Class
  • Christian School curriculum
  • Homeschooling
  • New Believers' class
  • VBS supplement